Child Dentistry

Kids Dental Treatment

During consultation with our dentists we are going to know the child, review his/her history and proceed with gentle examination of the mouth. The examinaiton includes looking for any early signs of dental problems and assessing the risks for future disease.

If treatments are needed they will be explained and recommended to the child and parent.

Dental Fluoride Treatment
Topical Fluoride

Fluoride treatments are both safe and effective in decreasing the prevalence of cavities in children and makes the tooth more impervious to acid attacks and plaque bacteria in the mouth. Fluoride incorporates into the teeth’s enamel, making it harder and more resistant to decay.

Dental Sealant Treatment
Dental Sealants
The chewing surfaces of the back teeth can have tiny grooves, known as fissures, that can be the cause of tooth decay. Sealants are thin plastic coatings put onto teeth that fill up the small grooves, making a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. The application of dental sealants is fast, easy, painless and comfortable procedure that leaves the child’s tooth protected for years to come.
Dental Restoration Treatment

Chips and minor fractures to the front or back teeth are common childhood occurrences. Tooth colored fillings that consist of resins made of plastic and glass are used to repair or restore fractured teeth or areas of decay. These fillings have a natural appearance and can be used on baby teeth as well as permanent teeth of children.

Dental Extraction
Endodotic Therapy and Extraction

If decay invades the nerve of the tooth, it may be necessary to remove the pulp (nerve) of the tooth and place a medication in the tooth. This is done to encourage healing, prevent sensitivity, decrease the chance of infection, and save the tooth.

If a tooth cannot be saved due to extensive decay, infection (abscess), crowding concerns or over-retention of teeth, extraction may be necessary. A simple tooth extraction is typically painless and involves local anesthetic. To keep the child safe and comfortable during a more complicated tooth extraction, our dental specialist may decide to use general anesthesia in the operating room. To guatantee a safe and pain-free treatment, our trained local anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia at all times.

Dental X-Ray
Dental X-Ray

X-rays are used to help diagnose problems such as decay between teeth, abscesses and impacted teeth. X-rays are recommended based on each child’s risk factor and previous experience with tooth decay. A panoramic x-ray is recommended starting at age 7. This x-ray shows the entire mouth in one image and allows your dentist to see tooth development. At New Dent we use state of the art digital x-rays, which significantly minimize radiation exposure over time.


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