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At The NewDent Dental Clinics Chain established by Mrs. Tea Gzirishvili patients can depend on comfort and clinical expertise for a sensational smile care experience. We understand the importance of both time and smiles, so we have dedicated our careers to creating a sensational, personalized dental experience built on a standard of efficiency and dependability for each of our patients.

Denture Care

-It doesn’t matter what quality the denture is, for mouth, it is still the unknown object. And accommodation is difficult for most of the patients. So how they should avoid discomfort?

- After the veneers implantation, the discomfort is typical. The most difficult to adjust to is the whole veneers implants. We always warn our patients that the first 3 days are the most difficult to adjust. It is expected that some of them may even remove their implants.
In painful situations some patients experience vomits, because the irritant touches the palate.
While chewing 30% of the chewing power goes to the implants and other 70% - to gums. It requires time for gums to become harder and chewing become of full value.
One more significant point is much saliva exudation; this is because at firs the implant lies down on saliva gland. Many of the patients complain about the dryness of the mouth.
The full adaptation is after 35-40 days.

-How long can the implant serve a person? What are the rules of exploiting and the terms of exploitation?

-Commonly the removable implant is foreseen for 4-5 years. After some time the implants become weaker, they change shape and don’t fit the gums as correctly as they used to.
So if the person has possibility to change implants, he/she should do it once in 4-5 years.
The implant is called removable because it should be removed once in a day and should be cleaned by tooth paste. It strongly depends on the healthiness of the mouth and the quality of an implant. There are special pills which can be used to clean denture after usage. Recommended to use this pills once in two weeks.

-What will you say about dental implantation?
-An implantation takes place when a patient doesn’t have some teeth. But this is not caused by shake loosing or periodontical disease.
Dental implant means artificial root. Typical implants are made from high quality titan construction. Which is straightly screwed in the jaw bone and after that, artificial tooth are applied.
An artificial root requires 4-5 months to cicatrize with the upper jaw. Lower jaw requires less – 2-3 months. After this time it is possible to apply desired crown.
Artificial roots are available for both, non-removable ceramic bridges and removable implants for better fastening.


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The NewDent Dental Clinics Chain is the clinical base for Tbilisi State Medical University in the post graduate education in General Dentistry.
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