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At The NewDent Dental Clinics Chain established by Mrs. Tea Gzirishvili patients can depend on comfort and clinical expertise for a sensational smile care experience. We understand the importance of both time and smiles, so we have dedicated our careers to creating a sensational, personalized dental experience built on a standard of efficiency and dependability for each of our patients.

Pediatric Care

Should Doctor Take Out Children’s Teeth?

It is desired that dentist take out children’s teeth. If this process takes place at home, we should try as much as possible to avoid any infections and should take care of hygiene. It is be better if the child will not eat for 2 hours after the procedure. We can suggest them special treatment after the procedure.

What kinds of complications are possible after the procedure and how should we protect our children from them?

Taking the tooth out can be followed by various diseases, tender or painful swollen gums. If the root of the teeth is not ready for operation, at home conditions, root or its part can be left inside gum, but when the doctor takes out the teeth you are insured from farther complications.

Black spots on the teeth. What causes it? What do we call “Spots”?

Often it is a plaque. It is very easy to get rid of it. Doctor uses special tooth paste and brush to clean it. If the reason of spots is the carries the medical treatment is necessary. The only way to completely get rid of it is to maintain hygiene and feed correctly.

When and how should a child begin to take after his/her Tooth.

We should take after their teeth as soon as the first teeth will be engraved. At firs we make it like a game, to make children enjoy it. When a baby gets trained to it, we can use baby tooth paste.


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The NewDent Dental Clinics Chain is the clinical base for Tbilisi State Medical University in the post graduate education in General Dentistry.
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