The Biggest Dental Clinics Chain in Tbilisi

At The NewDent Dental Clinics Chain established by Mrs. Tea Gzirishvili patients can depend on comfort and clinical expertise for a sensational smile care experience. We understand the importance of both time and smiles, so we have dedicated our careers to creating a sensational, personalized dental experience built on a standard of efficiency and dependability for each of our patients.

Initial Oral Examination, Consultation

Normally, your first appointment with NewDent Dental Clinic will be a consultation lasting 1/4 of an hour or 15 mins.

This initial consultation is a two-way process. Above all, the dentist will be anxious to understand from you, what you yourself are seeking to achieve from the treatment. He will undertake a full examination of your teeth including x-rays and will respond to any queries or anxieties you may have about the treatment.

After the examination the dentists will give you a written costed treatment plan. She/He will be sensitive not only to your dental requirements, but also to your budget. Dentist will ensure that you are always offered the very best options that you can afford.


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The NewDent Dental Clinics Chain is the clinical base for Tbilisi State Medical University in the post graduate education in General Dentistry.
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